The 7 Link Project

11 Aug

Mutant Supermodel tagged me to write on the 7 Link Project.  This project got started by Katie from Trip Base.  She says her idea is,

“To unite bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint endeavor to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again. Then the blogger is to nominate 5 other bloggers to participate.”

The 7 link project is like a writer’s chain mail.  ( How unusual for the internet. ) You pick seven of your favorite posts from the past based on a set of criteria then you tag five of your favorite bloggers to do the same.  Going through my old posts gave me a few surprises.  The biggest one is how held back I appear.  I don’t reveal details in some of my stories that when I reread them would make it that much richer.  I know a big part of that is because I’m not anonymous.

Most Beautiful Post:

Middle Class Girl– This is  a post from the first six months I was blogging.  I had a pretty small readership at that point and was writing a post once a week.   I’d spend hours crafting the post, having Michael take a look at it and rework it some more.  I like the fact that I’m not so precious with every post now but this is a great reminder for me why I started blogging.  I like telling stories.

Most Controversial Post:

Dependence Sucks Ass–  Michael was surprised I used the words ‘sucks ass’ in the title.  I actually have a real potty mouth but I typically like to edit it out or flower it with more creative terms.  I received the most emails ever from this post!  Asking people to edit a post is just asking for it.  I have to say the emails were all very nice but with specific opinions.  I just don’t write controversial.  I’d like to be more controversial in my writing like Nicole and Maggie (god, I love how they get the ball rolling!)  but it just doesn’t seem to click for me.  In my day-to-day life I’m a walking potty-mouth-can’t-keep-my-ideas-to-myself kinda’ girl.  I don’t have a great edit button in conversation and have been known to spout out whatever I’m thinking.  If any of my friends are reading this feel free to give examples!

Most Helpful Post:

Any post on the white board.  The First Step In Saving Money explains the idea behind the white board- I hear from more readers that this is one idea that really stuck for them.  Having the white board in our kitchen is a regular reminder what our goals are.

Post Whose Success Surprised You:

Yes, the Blind Chicken is Alive–  The popularity of my Blind Chicken was a surprise.  I’m not packing her up to stick her in a carnival (yet) but you all seem to like to her updates on her antics.

Post You Feel didn’t get the Attention it Deserved:

Social Currency– I was so convinced people had inadvertently overlooked this one I re-posted it 8 months later.  Neither time did it get the feedback and response I was expecting.  Cest le vive! This is one of my favorite concepts and if you get me talking about it you’ll have to hear me go off for hours!

Post Most Proud:

Dumbest In the Room and Proud of It…Sometimes– This comes off as a very positive post but it was difficult to write out (to the blogging world) my weaknesses.  Early on Michael had encouraged me to publish a post pre editing. (which I later did- Dependence Sucks Ass).  I write not just to reveal assumptions about money but also to examine ideas about myself that hold me back.  This post was that.  After reading this post my friend Steve lent me some audio tapes on grammar. I haven’t listened to them but they make a great insulator to keep my laptop from burning through my thighs.  After reading my unedited post another friend walked me over to the public library to check out Eats, Shoots & Leaves, by Lynne Truss.  I’m reading it and will make my way to the tapes next.  I may not end up to be the most incredible writer ever but I have the resources to improve what I love doing.

The 5 Bloggers I’m nominating:

I’m nominating people who have yet to be nominated and who I may read but have not really gone through their archives.

Lily’s Locutions– I don’t even know how I came across her but she fascinates me.  She’s now about 20 years old.  She started her blog 3 years ago.  Her writing throws me back to when I was her age.  It’s two-fold also.  I see my girls coming of age and I’m wondering how they will walk-thru there late teens.  I see bits of them in Lily.

101 Centavos–  He’s been blogging for about a year now.  I started following him about six months ago and I have not gone through his archives.  I’d love to see what he comes up with- I’m sure there’s a few gems that I’ve missed.

Lori Dyan–   Come on, Lori!  Do it for me!

Nicole is Better– She drops the F-bomb a lot and she has a ‘The Life Less Bullshit Manifesto’.  She’s the kinda’ girl I’d hope to have behind me if I ever got into a bar fight.

Fabulously Broke in the City– She’s a 20-something Canadian Girl living in hotel rooms.  She’s incredible prolific and writes on a range of topics.

What did I learn from this little exercise?  I’m becoming better at something I love to do (write).  I’d like to write more spontaneous and  more thoughtful posts (not so many in the middle).  Also I can see that I could let out my sassy-potty-mouth self out more (Michael is shaking his head ‘no’ to that idea.)

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13 Responses to “The 7 Link Project”

  1. First Gen American August 11, 2011 at 8:31 am #

    I’m so glad you wrote this. It’s so interesting seeing how bloggers reflect upon their own writing. I didn’t pin you at first because I thought I already read all of your stuff but there are a couple I don’t remember on this list. Checking it out now.

    • Molly On Money August 12, 2011 at 8:14 pm #

      It’s a great exercise. I’m love reading what other bloggers come up with too.

  2. MutantSupermodel August 11, 2011 at 1:05 pm #

    Yay you did it!! This was awesome. There are a few here I hadn’t read. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed it though. It’s funny because when I was tagging people, I did it with the thought in my head of which bloggers would probably benefit from doing their own retrospectives. I learned a lot going through my archives. Glad you did too!

    • Molly On Money August 12, 2011 at 8:15 pm #

      I’m so happy you tagged me. I wouldn’t had done it with out a bit of a push!

  3. nicoleandmaggie August 12, 2011 at 5:55 am #

    It’s nice that someone likes our controversial posts… though a lot of them have not been deliberately controversial! Like when we say *anything* about education… We’re just special I guess.

    Our retrospective is languishing in our unfinished posts. #2 is determined to finish it some day. (But if all you want is us going through our archives, check out our one year blogiversary post!)

    I hope you never get into a barfight!

    I hadn’t read the middle class girl post. I like it!

    • Molly On Money August 12, 2011 at 8:16 pm #

      I’d also have to add, anything about parenting! Finish up chickies!

  4. Sandy August 14, 2011 at 9:55 am #

    I love the book Eats, Shoots & Leaves – which is kinda strange to say about a grammar book! It is in my pile of books at my bedside that I pick up an read every so often.

    I have enjoyed reading all your posts, especially since I don’t get to see you all that often. I really love to read your stories!

    • Molly On Money August 16, 2011 at 6:22 am #

      I’ve been enjoying the book too. I just finished the section on how the comma has evolved over time (interesting, really.) I think I’m going to have to purchase this one because it’s one I need to have sitting on my nightstand at all times.

  5. 101 Centavos August 19, 2011 at 4:53 am #

    Thanks for the tag, Molly – it was a good push. I enjoyed the social currency post. Another weapon in the arsenal for to use on the boys and their limited chore attention span.

    I suppose the Godfather character had his own perspective on social currency — “Someday, and that day may never come, I’ll call upon you to do a service for me…”

    • Molly On Money August 20, 2011 at 2:18 pm #

      I felt the same way when I was tagged.
      I still have problems getting the kids to help out but at least now they know where my frustration is stemming from!


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